Katy Larson

University of Oregon

Robert D. Clark Honors College and the School of Journalism and Communication

  • Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Journalism
  • Fall 2015- Fall 2019

Undergraduate Thesis

The Implications of Female Force: Postfeminist Propensities in Wonder Woman and Atomic Blonde

Fall 2019 defense

My thesis analyzes how contemporary postfeminism interacts with misogyny and female empowerment in two female-led action films, Wonder Woman and Atomic Blonde (2017).

Undergraduate Courses


Lighting for Video

Digital Video Production


Allen Hall Studios



Reporting I and II

Newspaper Editing

Arts Journalism (London)

International News Journalism (London)


Film Festivals

Arabs & Muslims in Hollywood Film

World Documentary

US Film Industry

Gender, Media and Diversity

Using Format